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I was born in Oklahoma in 1950 and spent my summer rite-of-passage years in Wyoming while my Dad worked seasonally for Grand Teton National Park. I worked over 40 entry-level jobs including driving an ice cream truck, skinning elk, cooking in a Chinese restaurant, trail inventory for the Forest Service, caretaker of rental cabins, gardener for the Rockefellers, pizza parlor manager, belt buckle buffer, and multiple dishwashing jobs. Throughout this period I lived most of the year on public lands, first in a tent and later in a Cheyenne tipi. I have published seven novels and the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty, and a book of columns The Pyms: Unauthorized Tales of Jackson Hole, 1991. I wrote eleven screenplays for hire; two have been made into movies - Floating Away (based on Sorrow Floats), Showtime Cable Network, 1998 and Skipped Parts, TriMark Pictures, 2001. I recently adopted a little girl from China. and am now living happily (indoors) with my family (wife, Carol; son, Kyle; daughter, Leila) in Jackson, Wyoming.

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